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Service Option #1: Fall Service & Winter Storage- We will remove your seasonal product and store it at Concord Awning over the winter.
Please see your service sign-up letter for the storage option included. If you need to change the storage option, please contact us at (603)224-6880 or email us at service@concordawning.com.

Service Option #2: Sign up for Fall Service Only* - You will store your seasonal product yourself. A cell phone number is required to be eligible for Spring 2022 installation if you choose to self-store.
Note: You must make arrangements to dry your seasonal product entirely before storing it for the season*. If it is not completely dry, you risk developing mildew stains on your awning. Any repairs if needed are not available if you choose to self-store.

Service Option #3: Decline Fall Seasonal Service - I am not interested in your fall seasonal services. I understand that my seasonal product is not designed to carry snow loads and I will make alternative seasonal service arrangements.

*If you choose to self-store, please tell us where to leave your seasonal product(s) after removal is complete in the comment box below.
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Custom Weather Curtains & Privacy Screens

Protection from the elements & Privacy from neighbors – we’ve got you covered

weather curtainsAt Concord Awning, we can help protect your porch deck area or patio from the elements year-round.  Weather curtains are custom made for your specific area and are designed to remain rolled up in nice weather and quickly rolled down in bad weather.  They are rolled down and anchored securely for winter, protecting furniture and floors from snow and ice. 

Have close neighbors? Let Concord Awning design a privacy screen for you.  Whether it’s a whole wall or a smaller panel for your deck railing, we’ll design the privacy you need.  We have solid fabrics that provide complete privacy or open weave choices for moderate privacy that will let  natural light filter in.

A Weather Curtain or Privacy Screen from Concord Awning will help you enjoy your outdoor space

  • Shield guests from cool or rainy weather – weather curtains can be quickly rolled down as needed.  
  • Keep guests comfortable while seated outdoors at your home, restaurant or business when the heat of summer hasn’t kicked in quite yet.  
  • Custom design makes use of our weather curtains fast and effortless – just roll down when needed.  No more struggling with large sheets of plastic that need to be re-done each year.  
  • Privacy panels can be made in a variety of outdoor fabrics and will blend in with your home’s look.  Great for use in Condominiums where outdoor spaces are adjacent to neighbors. 

Custom Weather Curtains and Privacy panels offer you effortless privacy and protection, year after year.

Our custom Weather Curtain / Privacy Panel features include
  • Industry leading weather resistant fabrics – lots of colors to choose from and designed for superior outdoor performance, with marine quality clear vinyl for optional windows.  
  • For privacy panels, open weave fabrics can be used to filter, rather than completely block the view and still allow light in.
  • Concord Awning’s 100 percent guarantee on workmanship
"I just love our custom window awnings! They really dress up our storefront!"
Stephen S.