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Service Option #1: Fall Service & Winter Storage- We will remove your seasonal product and store it at Concord Awning over the winter.
Please see your service sign-up letter for the storage option included. If you need to change the storage option, please contact us at (603)224-6880 or email us at service@concordawning.com.

Service Option #2: Sign up for Fall Service Only* - You will store your seasonal product yourself. A cell phone number is required to be eligible for Spring 2022 installation if you choose to self-store.
Note: You must make arrangements to dry your seasonal product entirely before storing it for the season*. If it is not completely dry, you risk developing mildew stains on your awning. Any repairs if needed are not available if you choose to self-store.

Service Option #3: Decline Fall Seasonal Service - I am not interested in your fall seasonal services. I understand that my seasonal product is not designed to carry snow loads and I will make alternative seasonal service arrangements.

*If you choose to self-store, please tell us where to leave your seasonal product(s) after removal is complete in the comment box below.
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Custom Shade Sails

Sun protection, flexible design and beauty – we’ve got you covered.

custom shade sailLet Concord Awning design a custom shade sail for your home or business.  Protect people around your pool, deck, on your rooftop patio or other area with an expertly designed and aesthetically pleasing custom shade sail.  We’ll enhance your outdoor space with a single sail or incorporate additional components for a custom shade sail system, designed to fit your space and provide a modern, artistic look. 

As much as shade sails can block sun, they can also be used to block out areas you’d prefer to ‘hide’ by becoming the focal point themselves, as in the below picture:  

  • Custom designed to fit your unique space
  • Sun protection with a modern, artistic look
  • Anchored to existing building or to posts that we design and install, or a combination of both
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Use to block objects from view

A single shade sail or shade sail system from Concord Awning will be expertly designed and carefully constructed to give you sun protection year after year.  It will be custom designed to complement your building’s unique features and our installers will ensure accurate and robust anchoring for years of carefree use. 

Custom Shade Sail features include
  • Industry leading fabrics specifically engineered for tensioned structures, with UV and Flame resistance built in
  • Stainless Steel hardware will withstand winds and provide long term tension
  • Posts electrostatically primed and painted or galvanized on request.  Custom designed wall brackets for mounting to your home or business.  
  • Professional engineering services to guarantee posts sizes and anchoring will support required wind loads; stamped drawings available on request.
  • Rendering services to provide visual representation of the finished project before you commit
  • 10-15 year fabric warranty, and Concord Awning’s 100 percent guarantee on workmanship

"Thanks...and thanks to Peter for the time and attention he and his partner put into the measuring."

Greg from New London, NH