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Service Option #1: Fall Service & Winter Storage- We will remove your seasonal product and store it at Concord Awning over the winter.
Please see your service sign-up letter for the storage option included. If you need to change the storage option, please contact us at (603)224-6880 or email us at service@concordawning.com.

Service Option #2: Sign up for Fall Service Only* - You will store your seasonal product yourself. A cell phone number is required to be eligible for Spring 2022 installation if you choose to self-store.
Note: You must make arrangements to dry your seasonal product entirely before storing it for the season*. If it is not completely dry, you risk developing mildew stains on your awning. Any repairs if needed are not available if you choose to self-store.

Service Option #3: Decline Fall Seasonal Service - I am not interested in your fall seasonal services. I understand that my seasonal product is not designed to carry snow loads and I will make alternative seasonal service arrangements.

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Custom Retractable Awnings

Maintenance-Free Sun protection – we’ve got you covered

retractable awningsAt Concord Awning, we work with you to create worry-free shading for your outdoor spaces.  A retractable awning provides excellent sun protection with virtually no maintenance or worries.  We will work with you to select the size of your custom retractable awning, offering you coverage for a modest relaxing or dining area, or a larger area for entertaining and summer parties.  A retractable awning protects from harmful UV rays and keeps guests comfortable at your home, restaurant or business.

Retractable awnings remain mounted year-round and can be used for sun protection in summer and winter months.

A Retractable Awning from Concord Awning will help you enjoy your outdoor space

  • Seasonal sun protection for your deck or patio that is out when you need it and in when you don’t
  • Keep guests comfortable while seated outdoors at your home, restaurant or business
  • Optional aluminum hood covers fabric when not in use, extending fabric life
  • Add optional motor with remote control, or wind sensor
  • Automation components can be integrated with your home automation system and controlled by a smart phone.  We can show you how to connect your awning controls to Amazon Echo or Dot, or other in-home systems, like Lutron, and others.

Custom Retractable Awnings provide Seasonal Sun Protection year after year, with little to no maintenance.  Your expertly designed and installed retractable awning will allow you to enjoy carefree outdoor entertaining during the spring and summer months, and to block sun year-round.  Your retractable awning can be left retracted for the winter if not needed, and can be in use on that first warm, sunny spring day.  Retractable awnings are for sun protection and should not be left extended in rainy or snowy weather.  They should be ‘OUT when you’re outside, IN when you’re inside.’ 


Our custom Retractable Awning features include
  • Industry leading acrylic fabrics by Tempotest, Sunbrella and Sattler – hundreds of patterns to choose from and designed for superior sun protection.
  • Choice of valance finish – straight or a custom scallop
  • Maintenance free shading with choice of optional motor, wind sensor, or drop-down valance and the ability to integrate with in home automation systems via smart phone
  • Optional graphics or logo, if desired
  • Concord Awning’s 100 percent guarantee on workmanship

"Thank you to everyone who worked on my son’s awning – it looks great !! The men who installed the awning did a fine job, and really knew their business. People take note of the professionalism that your crew exhibits."

Barbara from Belmont, NH